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Junior Blue Fusion

2020-2021 Member List

Congratulations to ALL those who came to auditions. You took the first step to becoming a better dancer. This was a wonderful group with a lot of energy, and we hope everyone continues to dance, learn, and gain experience. The faculty considered each girlís performance and potential and have posted our selected team.

If you did NOT make the team this year, we hope you will consider being a Golden Star in the Greenfield Golden Girls . Your leadership and talent would certainly make our group stronger. You will gain great experience taking class and performing during the season, and we often perform with the Jr. Blue Fusion.

There are also technique classes in jazz, ballet, modern, and hip hop at Wilkerson Dance Studio that would help improve your skills. Donít stop dancing! Please call Debbie Wilkerson if you have any questions (317-462-1673).

If you DID make the team this year, you must register for the program online at You will also need TAN jazz shoes which can be purchased at Wilkerson Dance Studio or you can use a pair you already have.

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